Monday, July 28, 2003

Shooting it in the Vein of the Universe

I think I have a virus. When I went to go score a Sprite from the machine, one of the junkies looked at me cautiously and said she hopes I don’t have the SARS. Me too, Supernova. I call her that because she's so thin, she looks as though she's going to collapse onto herself. I tried to give her some bread once but she said she wudn’t hungry. Funny thing about her and her girlfriend, they never seem to jones. They always look a bit feral but are quite calm most of the time and really, their faces are always austere. Wow, I live in the only place where we have Buddhist junkies.

They should have t-shirts that say, “Shooting it in the Vein of the Universe”. Jesus, if the Chelsea Hotel was in Northern Kentucky, it would be my building, only not as much now that the closet gay guy and his wife left a few weeks back. What a badass he was. He used to leave the nastiest porn on his computer so his wife wouldn't catch on. She'd just get SO pissed and he'd be explaining away money shots and big tittie sites, no doubt thinking "Heh, psych". She's really nice though. Now a carpenter is moving in. Not nearly as much fun.

As usual when I’m sick, my imagination gets to ride shotgun while the normal, so-called “rational” thoughts are locked safely away in the trunk, where they sniff fumes long enough to be interesting once they get back behind the wheel. The next few says will be the spent in the bosom of NyQuil and blessed comatose sleep. I don't know why the Spiderman people didn't do a Green Goblin/NyQuil tie in. They're both equally unnatural and equally deadly. I guess NyQuil just puts you to sleep while the Green Goblin kinda kills you. Maybe they didn't want the connotations. Plus it would be hard to fit that pumpkin thing in there, unless they did a NyQuil Fall Collection.

Whew, too deep for me. 'Night all.