Friday, July 25, 2003

Al Jazeera Was Criticized and Bullied by The U.S. Government Who Later Have a Change of Heart

"Last weekend, the U. S. government criticized the Arab network for airing photos of U.S. POWs and dead soldiers. Al- Jazeera says the United States asked that the footage not be shown until families of those soldiers could be notified, and it complied with that request."

Reported in the Roanoke Journal, March 28, 2003 by Columnist Lana Whited

one of many articles mentioning this stuff

And yet, today, Uday and Qusay, Saddam's sons and apparently, his partners in the arts of being warmongering pigs splashed (quite literally) across every fucking website I see AND this only months after they hand Al Jazeera their walking papers at the NYSE AND bomb their Baghdad headquarters, killing one reporter.

I'm so pissed off right now. I'm so pissed off right now.

So, the deal supposedly is that the Pentagon "thought it through carefully" before they decided to publish the pictures and that ultimately, the pictures were displayed only because they wanted to show the Iraqi's that the evil duo really were pushing up dasies. Ok. What the fuck ever, assholes. Like any fucking Iraqi citizen is going to be surfing the fucking web right now? With that over abundance of electricity they have, no doubt.

Now, I'd love to link you to the article where I'm getting this last bit of info but it's showing those pictures and I don't want to be anyone's toll-booth to gross out pictues of dead guys. You can find it if you read Cursor, though.

So, what this entire thing comes down to for me is a situation I've seen many, many times before, on a smaller level and committed by much smaller people: Turn the flashlight on everyone else to keep the rest of the world from seeing your own cockroaches. Hypocrite isn't a strong enough word to describe people like them and chances are, their supporters aren't ever going to allow themselves to see the shitpile around which the flies buzz.

Anne Tyler once wrote, "Free speech, that's all we've got. We can say whatever we want but the government goes ahead and does what it wants anyway. It's like we're on a big ship, headed someplace terrible and you're not allowed to jump off."

I'm going to go autistic for a while and bang my head against the wall.

After calming down for a while (days worth), I've figured out one of the reasons I'm so pissed. I really fucking hate it when people villify others for doing things that they themselves have done. It's bullshit and people try to play that crap because they often think that their reasons for doing things are the only correct ones. The way that I see it, if you're going to fuck someone in the ass with your petty finger pointing, be goddamned sure that you're not guilty of the same crime.