Sunday, July 27, 2003

It's All Over For Us!

This is about the most fun I have ever had reading about the end of the world! Now, don't think it is merely the text of the article that is so intriguing. No, it's the pictures.

First off, the little nanobots are so cute, I don't know how bad I'd feel watching them devour the guy in the office next to me. He probably wouldn't be sweating my demise either, but that's a different story. Wow, it's like being eaten alive by Sea Monkeys wearing armor!

Secondly, everyone seems to be having a monstrous orgasm on doomsday. Note the "Aahhh's" present in many of the pictures. My only explanation is that Nathan needs to get laid...or at the end of one's life, you get a resolute nod from Mother Nature.

Last but not least, the guy brushing his teeth and seeing the giant mushroom cloud right outside. "Gaahh" is all he manages, as though he accidently overshot his upper teeth and his toothbrush sailed into the toilet!

I want to meet this Nathan guy.