Saturday, July 03, 2004

Ding Dong

Now, if you haven't seen this yet, you're in for a big, glistening treat.

Ok, first, this is the most fun you can have with cheesy pseudo-French accent and a tube of Astro-Glide.  And that's saying a lot!

Now that everyone has seen this video (everyone I tell you!) maybe someone can e-mail or comment and explain a couple of things to me:

First, is that a drag queen that's sitting to the left of the couch where the two chicks are like, necking or whatever?  I can't tell.  The person appears to have that weird bobbing smiley action happening similar to what one sees in a person suffering from a degenerative nerve disorder.  I suspect it may be Gunther himself in drag.  But then I come to my senses and think that Gunther must be far too manly for such folly.

Secondly, d'you think Gunther's lips are like that naturally?  I'm curious.  I'm rather fascinated by them and think that he must have found some ancient artifact deep in de night in some Finnish cave or something and an uber Viking lip spirit possessed them. They're so radiant and they seem to be the primary focal point of the person photographing the video.  I figure the photographer is drawn in by their mystical powers just as I have been.