Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Onward Christian Wehrmacht

For the socially conservative, watching the marriage amendment fail must be like listening to your favorite song die of cancer. On top of that, in a funny, feeble attempt at pandering, President Bush encouraged immigrants to learn English and history because it (somehow) allows us to remain “one nation under God”. It makes one wonder where he’d stand if people from South America and Asia spoke in tongues, eh? It is becoming obvious that Bush is screwing the proverbial pooch, sans duct tape (because no one believes in that anymore either), and glad-handing his way out the door.

Now, we must turn our accusing eyes toward the guy that is beginning to carve a really good, lasting niche: Michael P. Farris. Of the many socially conservative people I’ve heard over these past few years (because I really wanted to hear what their problem was, exactly), this guy is by far the creepiest. People get pissed off about Ann Coulter or Bill O’Reilly, when really, they’re just the loud shirts that distract you from finding Waldo. Farris is not the short-bus blitzkrieg that will be the (temporary) downfall of the Christian Right. This guy is intelligent, serene, and is calmly urging his Christian soldiers forward. And it’s working. This is the thing: when I was listening to him speak, he began to make sense. Then the Tin-Man woke me, the Lion, and the Scarecrow up and I couldn’t believe how good this guy really is. The problem here is that he’s so calm and reasonable that it is difficult to counter him properly until you’re far enough away figure out what the fuck that thing was. He's a believer. No, really.

Here is his interview with Terry Gross. I urge you to listen because he broke her balls six ways to Sunday. Pun infinitely intended.